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Sociology is the study of the various ways that people interact and organize themselves...in nations and families, cities and tribes, in factories, churches, schools and gangs. The Department has the honour to offer courses in various degree programmes like BS and Master in the subject of Sociology.

The department of Sociology is planning to establish a research cell containing all kind of journals and research study reports. To materialize the plan, the department administration is in constant struggle and with a firm hope of accomplishment soon. The Department of Sociology has signed MOUs with different INGOs and NGOs.


The future vision plan for improvement of quality of academic and research at the department contains the following steps:

  • Launching a Research journal which will be multidisciplinary.
  • Establishing Collaboration of the department with other universities for establishing exchange program.
  • Organizing shorts courses in crucial areas like research methodology and population studies, and work on the proposed programs is in progress.


  • To create trained sociologists to play dynamic role in the development of society.
  • To promote empirical research among the students of sociology.
  • To develop varied skills in students aiming at the solution of problems.
  • To develop attitude of students on problems/issues to be faced effectively in future.
  • To create awareness and sensitivity in students about their regional, national and global issues and to prepare them to solve such problems.

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To serve the society by developing in students a delicate intellectual, cultural, ethical, and humane sensitivity through a pleasant blend of ancient and modern wisdom; to foster a scientific temper and to promote professional and technological expertise. Pivotal to this vision is a commitment to contributing in local, national and international development, concomitantly adhering to the dictates of our social ethics, traditions and environment.

  • To achieve distinction in teaching and research
  • To generate, disseminate and preserve knowledge
  • To meet the challenges of a complex, and modern society through informed social outreach
  • To empower through knowledge and information
  • To build up a responsible and dynamic citizenry
  • To expand, improve, and advance the quality of human resources
  • To contribute in building a just, responsible and dynamic society
  • To develop moral and ethical values
  • To meet contemporary local and national demands and anticipate future social and economic objectives & preserve and promote cultural traditions, humanistic and spiritual values.






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